Evaluation: ‘Unlocked,’ A New Spy Mystery, Equal As The Vintage Undercover Agent Thrillers

PhotoThe spy thriller “Unlocked” is an apt and not entirely unentertaining demonstration of the adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” The movie has a female lead (Alice Racine, played by Noomi Rapace) as its intrepid, smart, lethal spy, so that’s something.
She’s loath to do fieldwork because she feels responsible for not thwarting a terrorist strike in Paris years ago.
Instead of Cold War chess moves in the mode of “Funeral in Berlin,” it serves up the ostensible threat of Islamist terror.
She needs to interrogate — “unlock” in spy-speak — a courier whose message could set the plan in motion, or stop it.
But she’s pulled back in by the prospect of a horrifying biological attack.

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