Iraq Announces Victory Over Isis In Tal Afar

Mr. Abadi’s announcement came several days after Iraqi forces lifted the national flag in the center of Tal Afar.
With that, Mr. Abadi said, the whole of Nineveh Province, which includes the city of Mosul as well as Tal Afar, was now free of the Islamic State.
But many of the Islamic State fighters had fled to a nearby village, Ayadiya, where they put up a last stand, and where the Iraqi government rushed forces this week to face them down.
PhotoISTANBUL — Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq announced on Thursday the liberation of Tal Afar, one of the last cities that had been under the control of the Islamic State, after a battle that lasted just 11 days, a further sign that the extremist group’s days of administering territory in Iraq are on the wane.
The relatively quick victory in Tal Afar, coming on the heels of a grueling and bloody nine-month fight for Mosul, was not surprising given that the city had been cut off for months and surrounded by pro-government militias who moved on the city last fall as the campaign for Mosul began.

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