Judo Star Sumiya Dorjsuren Sends Mongolia Into Meltdown

Japan’s Tsukasa Yoshida, Mongolia’s Sumiya Dorjsuren, France’s Helene Receveaux and Great Britain’s Nekoda Smythe-Davis show off their medals in the women’s -57kg division.
But, with a deft koshi-guruma throw, Sumiya Dorjsuren scored a decisive waza-ari to become the new -57kg world champion.
Story highlights Sumiya Dorjsuren becomes -57kg world championMongolian beats Japan’s Tsukasa Yoshida in BudapestPresident of Mongolia salutes nation’s “new hero”Budapest, Hungary (CNN) Mongolia’s newest hero pounded her chest and jumped for joy.
1 Tsukasa Yoshida made victory all the more special.
After three days at the 2017 World Judo Championships, Japan has taken all five of the other gold medals on offer.

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