Laser Pointers And Hand Indicators

Being hearing impaired in a busy restaurant kitchen means that Uzzell’s coworkers have come up with a variety of ways to get his attention over the past few years, from laser pointers to elaborate hand signals.
“You have to develop a thick skin,” he says of working in a restaurant kitchen.
“A combination of lip reading, writing, and hand signals has become de rigueur in the kitchen at Marcel’s — but it’s not always foolproof.
Laser Pointers And Hand Signals: A Deaf Chef In The KitchenEnlarge this image toggle caption Kristen Hartke for NPR Kristen Hartke for NPRAmid the hustle and bustle of the kitchen at Marcel’s, a fine dining restaurant in Washington, D.C., one member of the staff is immune to the noise.
Uzzell is a deaf chef — a rarity in the vast majority of restaurant kitchens.

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