Mattis Says No Rift With Trump On North Korea

| AP Photo Mattis says no rift with Trump on North Korea The defense secretary’s earlier comments ‘didn’t contradict anything the president said,’ Mattis said Thursday.
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday pushed back on the perception that he disagrees with the president on the best strategy to handle tensions with North Korea.
President Donald Trump on Wednesday implied that diplomacy with North Korea is over, tweeting that “talking is not the answer.”Story Continued BelowWhen asked about the tweet hours later, Mattis seemed to disagree, saying that “We’re never out of diplomatic solutions.
Tensions with North Korea have been high all month as the regime has conducted a series of provocative missile tests and Trump threatened to confront North Korean threats with “fire and fury.”On Monday, North Korea launched an intermediate range ballistic missile over Japan, triggering warnings to Japanese residents to take cover before the missile splashed down in the Pacific Ocean.
We’re not talking to the North Koreans right now,” Mattis told reporters in an impromptu appearance at the Pentagon.

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