Move Alvvays’ New Album, ‘Antisocialites’

“Yet for all the noisy textures and shimmering sing-alongs on Antisocialites, Alvvays seem intent on masking pain while convincing others, and perhaps themselves, that everything’s fine.
First Listen: Alvvays, ‘Antisocialites’toggle caption Arden WrayOn “Archie, Marry Me,” the highlight calling-card from Alvvays’ 2014 debut, the Toronto band hit upon its signature formula.
toggle caption Courtesy of the artistIt’s hard not to think back to those intimate shades between love and heartache in “Archie” when hearing where Alvvays picks up on its new album, Antisocialites.
“Rankin has described Antisocialites as a “fantasy breakup arc” and throughout, Alvvays follows that thread through vignettes that depict anger, depression, resignation and finally self-reliance.
“While heavy, Alvvays songs are rarely overbearing, particularly when the band undercuts the melodrama with irreverent wordplay or self-deprecation.

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