Paul Ryan’S Postcard Tax Go Back Dumb—Commentary

” And according to Majority Whip Steve Scalise, as quoted by Jeremy Beaman in the Washington Examiner, this is an idea that “gets people excited” about tax reform.
Fundamentally, greatly simplifying tax compliance for a majority of Americans doesn’t require changing the tax code at all — it simply requires challenging the entrenched lobbying power of the accounting industry and tax prep software vendors.
Paul Ryan floated this notion — complete with a postcard mock-up — in his 2016 campaign policy document “A Better Way.
Republican tax plans feature large, costly changes that have nothing to do with simplifying the process of filling out tax forms.
As Republicans rally behind a big push for tax cuts, expect to hear one idea over and over: that a major goal of reform is to make the tax code so simple you could file your taxes on a postcard.

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