Pence Shows Trump A Way To Sweat It Out With Texas Sufferers

“After difficult days here in Rockport and across southeast Texas, President Trump sent us here to say: ‘We are with you.
But Pence also made sure to share the spotlight with Trump, who plans to return to Texas and to visit parts of Louisiana this weekend with Melania Trump.
And he just said: ‘Just tell them we love Texas,’” Pence, clad in blue jeans with brown boots and rolled-up sleeves, told a group of people assembled outside a partially destroyed church.
President Trump will be back in Texas with the first lady on Saturday.
Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday offered up a playbook for President Donald Trump’s follow-up visit to hurricane-ravaged Texas this weekend, hugging storm victims, directly offering words of encouragement, and dripping sweat as he helped clear debris.

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