Quit Of Summer Already? New Track For Cooler Temperatures

New Music For Cooler Temperatures 28:59Enlarge this image toggle caption Shawn Peters/ECM Records/Courtesy of the artist Shawn Peters/ECM Records/Courtesy of the artistAs we get older the summers seem to go by quicker, don’t they?
New Music For Cooler TemperaturesEnd of Summer Already?
I’ve asked two of Alt.Latino’s fab contributors to share the mic this week: Marisa Arbona-Ruiz and Catalina Maria Johnson, who each bring something different to their music writing.
They both bring it this week with music that is new to them and to us as well, in addition to some familiar names in a new context.
As long as we continue our journeys around the sun above ground, we should have joyful, life affirming music to go accompany us.

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