Rapper Tay-Ok Being Attempted As An Adult For Capital Murder

Nevertheless, a judge reportedly ruled that his case was egregious enough to move to adult court.
After being charged with capital murder for his involvement in a 2016 home invasion, a new report says the 17-year-old will be tried as an adult in court, according to The New York Times.
Texas rapper Tay-K – who originally became an internet sensation after dropping a music video about running from the cops while he was literally a fugitive of the law — has reportedly been captured by law officials, and things aren’t looking good.
“The judge was very clear to tell Mr. McIntyre on the record that this decision has no bearing whatsoever of his guilt/innocence in this case… Mr. McIntyre remains upbeat after this hearing,” a statement from one of Tay-K’s lawyer, M. Trent Loftin reads.
Additionally, officials state that “juvenile court will lack jurisdiction soon,” due to him nearing the legal age.

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