Rent From $430 A Month On This Golfer’S Paradise Beach City

A day at this beach in Hua Hin, can be as adventurous as you’d like it to be.
And a simply furnished, three-bedroom townhouse in an expat area, with a shared pool, can be rented for $624 a month.
I’m sitting in a beach café, drinking fresh coconut water right from the shell for just $2 and taking it all in.
Hua Hin is home to about 85,000 people, so it’s big enough to have all the modern conveniences a retiree needs, while still being laidback enough to retain its beach vibe.
A fully furnished, four-bedroom villa—with a pool—in a gated community, only 10 minutes away from the city center, can be found for $985 a month.

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