‘Viceroy’S House’: A Heat-Hearted Examine The Sunset Of The British Empire : Npr

In the movie, upstairs is British Empire, dwindling by the hour and represented by the gold-plated palace where successive British viceroys have ruled over a resource-rich subcontinent containing one-fifth of the world’s population.
Where previous viceroys ruled with an iron fist, the Mountbattens of Viceroy House are velvet glove people.
But despite some occasional stiffening in the otherwise lively dialogue, co-written by Chadha with her screenwriter husband, Paul Mayeder Berges, and Moira Buffini, there’s rarely a dull moment in Viceroy’s House.
‘Viceroy’s House’: A Warm-Hearted Look At The Sunset Of The British EmpireEnlarge this image toggle caption Kerry Monteen/IFC Films Kerry Monteen/IFC FilmsAt my all-girls high school in London in the 1960s, colonial history was taught roughly as follows: “In 1947 India was granted independence from Great Britain.
Civil strife continued between Hindus and Muslims in the new nations of India and Pakistan.

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