House Gop Pushes To Loosen Gun Regulations

A bill easing regulations on the purchases of gun silencers — also known as suppressors — could reach the House floor as early as next week.
| Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images House GOP pushes to loosen gun rulesHouse GOP leaders are moving forward with plans to vote on two gun-related measures in the coming weeks, the first time Congress has taken up the controversial issue since Donald Trump became president.
“Even if your state has stronger laws and does not allow concealed carry, you would still be able to bring your gun into that state,” Ambler insisted.
Ambler added that gun purchasers could “permit shop,” meaning obtain a concealed carry permit from a state that issues permits to nonresidents, as Florida and nine other states do.
Hudson insists his bill would not override any other state, municipal or local regulations on concealed carry.

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