2 Viral Twitter Poets Are Rewriting The E-Book On Astrology

2 Viral Twitter Poets Are Rewriting The Book On AstrologyEnlarge this image toggle caption Getty Images Getty ImagesIt started with a casual text conversation around Thanksgiving.
“Although details of the Astro Poets book are still fuzzy — it’s “a lot under wraps,” as Dimitrov put it.
“I think astrology does need this kind of update, and we’re the people to do it.
That’d make a pretty awful book,” Lasky laughs.
Turns Out, Maybe It’s Not Listen · 3:00 3:00Either way, New York City-based poets Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov — the voices behind the viral Twitter account “Astro Poets” – aim to change the way the Internet sees the zodiac.

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