3 Weeks After Irma Wrecked Barbuda, Island Lifts Obligatory Evacuation Order : The Two-Manner : Npr

As of noon Friday — 24 days after the storm destroyed much of the island — the evacuation order was officially lifted.
Even before the evacuation order was lifted, construction and relief crews were working on the island.
“Irma brought “unprecedented” levels of destruction to Barbuda, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said after touring the damage earlier this month.
3 Weeks After Irma Wrecked Barbuda, Island Lifts Mandatory Evacuation OrderEnlarge this image toggle caption Jose Jimenez/Getty Images Jose Jimenez/Getty ImagesBarbuda was the first place Hurricane Irma made landfall when the Category 5 storm devastated a string of islands along the Caribbean earlier this month.
The next phase of the rebuilding effort, the government says, will focus on repairing houses that were least damaged.

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