Anglican Bishops Prep For Tough Talks On Identical-Intercourse Marriage

The voices opposing same-sex marriage in the Anglican Communion, Goddard continued, were small in number but very loud.
They know the tide of history is against them.”The Church of England is unlikely to follow the SEC anytime soon and allow same-sex marriage.
LONDON (RNS) — The primates of the worldwide Anglican Communion will face another tough test next week when they gather in the U.K. to grapple with the Scottish Episcopal Church’s backing of same-sex marriage, among other issues.
READ: Britain’s first Anglican same-sex marriage celebrated in a Scottish churchThose that do attend the meeting may consider some sort of punitive measure against the SEC, just as they did with American Episcopalians at the last primates’ meeting in Canterbury in 2016 for similarly recognizing same-sex marriage.
The row in the Anglican Communion has rumbled on since the primates’ last meeting in 2016.

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