Catalonia Referendum Campaigning Enters Very Last Day

JUST WATCHED Spanish FM: Catalonia referendum is ‘a charade’ Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH Spanish FM: Catalonia referendum is ‘a charade’ 06:23Mass protests have been held in Barcelona and other towns in recent weeks in support of the independence movement.
Barcelona, Spain (CNN) Campaigners for Catalan independence are making their final push for support Friday ahead of a referendum Sunday which is fiercely opposed by Spain’s central government.
Spain’s central government says the referendum is illegal, must not go ahead and that the result will not be recognized.
A closing rally is due to take place Friday evening in the Montjuic area of Barcelona, the regional capital of Catalonia, a wealthy region in Spain’s northeast.
Catalonia’s separatist government is adamant it will go ahead with the referendum despite the country’s highest court barring it on the grounds that it violates the country’s constitution.

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