Dhs’ Elaine Duke Explains ‘Appropriate Information Tale’ Quote

“We will never be satisfied,” Duke told CNN and reporters traveling with her on the tarmac at San Juan International Airport.
San Juan, Puerto Rico (CNN) Elaine Duke, the acting secretary of Homeland Security, on Friday sought to clarify her comments that the aftermath of Hurricane Maria was a “good news story” as she traveled to Puerto Rico amid scrutiny of the administration’s response.
The department announced the trip Thursday evening after Duke’s “good news” comments at the White House earlier that day.
“(L to R – TSA Administrator David Pekoske, Army Corps of Engineers commander Lt Gen Todd Semonite, Elaine Duke, Coast guard VADM Karl Schultz plus two more officials)Thursday, Duke stirred controversy when referring to the government’s response in Puerto Rico as a “good news story.
Duke told reporters that she is “happy” about how hard everyone is working together — the people, the government of Puerto Rico and federal officials — but said “there’s much much more work to do and we will never be satisfied.

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