Fb Stocks Statistics With Google In Russia Commercials Election Probe

With the aid of that information, Twitter discovered about 200 Kremlin-aligned accountsdirectly tied to some of the profiles Facebook previously identified.
Those ads, sources told Recode at the time, sought to stoke racial, religious and other social tensions in the United States, including around issues like Black Lives Matter and gun control.
Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it found 470 Russia-driven accounts that had purchased 3,000 ads on its social network.
A Google spokesperson declined to comment for this story, as did a Facebook rep.More from Recode:For now, though, Google is slated to deliver a private briefing to U.S. lawmakers studying Russia’s political tactics in the coming weeks, additional sources told Recode.
In a press conference, Warner charged that Twitter’s internal investigation was “frankly inadequate,” as it relied too heavily on the data supplied by Facebook.

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