Fear Of Volcano Eruption On Bali Drives One Hundred Forty Five,000 From Homes

HONG KONG — About 145,000 people on the Indonesian island of Bali have left their homes around Mount Agung, a volcano that is showing signs it could erupt, officials said on Friday.
The authorities have warned people as far as 12 kilometers, or 7.5 miles, from the volcano to leave the area and to seek shelter elsewhere.
The 9,944-foot volcano, the highest mountain on Bali, last erupted in the early 1960s, destroying villages and killing about 1,700 in mudflows and clouds of hot gases, lava fragments and ash.
Satellites have also detected new steam emissions and thermal areas within the volcano’s crater, and steam clouds can be seen rising above the summit, the Indonesian Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation said.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storySeismic monitors have recorded a sharp increase in underground activity near the volcano since mid-September, including a magnitude 4.3 earthquake on Tuesday.

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