For Homeless Advocates, A Discouraging Lesson In L. A.: Cash Isn’T Enough

This year, the homeless population in Los Angeles County jumped 23 percent, to 57,794 people, over 2016, according to an annual survey released in May by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.
“We’re in the midst of a homelessness crisis,” said Mike Feuer, the Los Angeles city attorney.
“I think Los Angeles is ready,” said Dora Leong Gallo, the chief executive of A Community of Friends.
The project, which is now stalled, is being pushed by A Community of Friends, a nonprofit organization that has built housing for 2,400 homeless people across Los Angeles.
said loud and clear we need to build more housing, we need to build more affordable housing and we need to build more housing for the homeless,” he said.

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