Human Guinea Pigs Swallow Bacteria That Could Cause Typhoid To Check New Vaccine

By contrast, giving healthy volunteers typhoid bacteria concoctions in a place like the United Kingdom, where typhoid is incredibly rare, virtually guarantees participants with no preexisting immunity from exposure to typhoid.
The researchers divided the participants into three groups, each of which received a different vaccine: the new typhoid vaccine, launched in 2013, a more commonly used typhoid vaccine prescribed for travelers or a control vaccine that did not offer any resistance to typhoid.
“This study is not the first to rely on healthy volunteers willing to expose themselves to serious diseases.
“We make it very hard for the vaccine,” Pollard explains.
As a result of those trials, researchers were able to prove that a new typhoid vaccine is the most effective yet, according to a study led by the Oxford Vaccine Group in The Lancet.

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