Legends Of Judo: Driulis GonzáLez Morales

That Cuba’s Driulis González Morales competed on the biggest stage five times is testament to her skill, commitment and class.
Legends of Judo: Driulis González Morales Barcelona 1992 Olympics: Bronze (-56kg) Hamilton 1993 World Championships: Bronze (-56kg) Chiba 1995 World Championships: Gold (-56kg) Atlanta 1996 Olympics: Gold (-56kg) Paris 1997 World Championships Silver (-56kg) Birmingham 1999 World Championships: Gold (-57kg) Sydney 2000 Olympics: Silver (-57kg) Osaka 2003 World Championships: Silver (-63kg) Athens 2004 Olympics: Bronze (-63kg) Cairo 2005 World Championships: Bronze (-63kg) Rio 2007 World Championships: Gold (-63kg)From 1992 to the turn of the millennium, González dominated judo’s lightweight category, finishing on the podium at every major competition she competed in.
All in all, Morales won medals at four Olympic Games between — 1992 and 2004 — and seven World Championships.
(CNN) Only the most dedicated athletes represent their nation at the Olympic Games.
Unbeatable in regional competition, she won an incredible 11 Pan American titles.

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