‘Minimize Your Enthusiasm’ Returns, And Larry David Is Lower Back To Playing Himself

I guess I could be annoyed by that, but I’m just happy to have TV Larry — and Curb Your Enthusiasm — back.
‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Returns, And Larry David Is Back To Playing HimselfEnlarge this image toggle caption John P. Johnson/HBO John P. Johnson/HBOI loved watching Larry David last year in his recurring guest role on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where he provided a perfect impersonation of outspoken politician Bernie Sanders.
Since the TV version of Larry David appeared 18 years ago, the idea of a comic playing an unflattering version of himself has become much more commonplace.
Curb Your Enthusiasm followed as a TV special in 1999 (the year after Seinfeld ended), with David on cameras as well as behind the scenes.
And when, on the show, Jason Alexander gets angry and walks off the set, David offers to play Alexander’s part — a role David originally wrote, on Seinfeld, as his own alter ego.

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