North Korean Figure Skaters Ryom Tae-Adequate And Kim Ju-Sik Qualify For 2018 Wintry Weather Olympics

Story highlights Pair are first North Korean athletes to qualify for 2018 Winter OlympicsWinter Olympics will be held in South Korea from 9-25 February(CNN) On Friday afternoon, in the small Bavarian ski-town of Oberstdorf, figure skaters Ryom Tae-Ok and Kim Ju-sik became the first North Korean athletes to qualify for South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics — a development that could have diplomatic implications as well as sporting ones.
Their qualification will be welcome news to South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, who earlier this month told CNN that North Korean participation in PyeongChang will “provide a very good opportunity for inter-Korean peace and reconciliation.
Ryom, 18 and 25-year-old Kim finished 15th at the World Championships last season and spent the summer training in Montreal under French coach, Bruno Marcotte.
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The pair — who perform to the music of The Beatles and have been training in Canada — produced an impressive free-skate performance to secure one of the final Olympic spots up for grabs at the Nebelhorn Trophy in Germany.

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