Now You Notice Him, Now You Don’T: Duchamp From Past The Grave

Mr. Ozkaya sees his installation as furthering the sly, in-the-eye-of-the-beholder game Duchamp played throughout his career.
Mr. Ozkaya’s work raises broader questions about our cultural moment.
“It isn’t there by itself — you have to activate it.”As to whether Duchamp deliberately concealed a self-portrait in his valedictory artwork, Mr. Ozkaya said, “Who cares?
Does Mr. Ozkaya’s piece constitute an act of research, a creative reimagining or an art-historical hijacking?
“Tampering with the optics of ‘Étant Donnés’ falls outside of what we’re here to do.”Mr. Affron’s predecessor at the museum, Michael Taylor, echoed that skepticism.

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