Republicans Extend Redistricting Strategy For 2020

| John Minchillo/AP Republicans expand redistricting strategy for 2020 A new group, the National Republican Redistricting Trust, will focus on legal and data efforts for the next round of political map-drawing.
The NRRT is organized as a legal trust and will not have to disclose its donors, along the lines of the Democratic redistricting legal trust formed in 2010.
Republicans are launching a new redistricting group with plans to fight more Democratic-drawn political maps in court, part of an expanded strategy to influence congressional and state legislative boundaries after the next census.
The organization, called the National Republican Redistricting Trust, will focus on data and legal efforts and “serve as a central resource to coordinate and collaborate” on redistricting for other party organizations and members, according to a memo announcing its formation.
It will not be contributing to political campaigns, unlike Democrats’ new redistricting hub, Harrison said, arguing that Republicans have strong party committees that don’t need additional help.

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