Ta-Nehisi Coates And The Making Of A Public Intellectual

“I can tell you with a fair degree of certainty that Ta-Nehisi never wanted to be famous,” said Mr. Cobb, who has known Mr. Coates for more than two decades.
The project is tightly under wrap, though his editor, Mr. Jackson, described it as “historical” with “elements of the fantastical” and Mr. Coates said it deals with race.
Ultimately, he said, “we just need more books.”Yet Mr. Coates’s work has resonated deeply.
Mr. Coates answered that his own father had been part of the Black Panther Party and had later become disillusioned with mass politics.
Mr. Coates stood at the head of the room, in front of a large wall decal of James Baldwin’s face lined with the words, “Our crown has already been bought and paid for.

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