Trump Pledges ‘Massive, Beautiful, Big’ Tax Reduce

| Saul Loeb/Getty Images Trump pledges ‘giant, beautiful, massive’ tax cutPresident Donald Trump extolled the broad strokes of his administration’s tax plan on Friday, calling it “a giant, beautiful, massive — the biggest ever in our country — tax cut.”Trump unveiled the framework of his administration’s plan for tax reform and tax cuts in Indiana earlier this week, and he traveled Friday to a Washington, D.C., hotel to continue touting the proposal in an address to the National Association of Manufacturers.
President Donald Trump said the policy of Washington when it comes to manufacturing has for decades been best summarized by a single term: surrender.
“They surrendered,” Trump said of past administrations.
Republicans had used the maneuver unsuccessfully to repeal and replace Obamacare, though Trump maintains the chamber has the votes to pass repeal and will do so early next year.
“Under my administration, the era of economic surrender is over, and the rebirth of American industry is beginning.

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