Trump, Tweet About Puerto Ricans Being Us Citizens (Opinion)

The right mix of private-sector incentives, plus a dose of hype from our brand-promoting President, might be just what Puerto Rico needs to go from wreckage to renaissance.
(CNN) Shaken out of its torpor at last, the Trump administration is finally getting serious about mobilizing relief to Puerto Rico by appointing a high-ranking military official to oversee Defense Department operations.
Beyond consoling victims and educating the public, Trump should convene a high-level discussion about the economic future of Puerto Rico, which was in dire straits even before the hurricane hit.
Activating the bully pulpit of the White House — not to mention the social media that connect him with tens of millions of people — Trump should be issuing daily reminders that Puerto Ricans are American citizens.
If the plan is as good as Trump claims, corporations should flock to the island and bring jobs with them.

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