U.S. To Tug Extra Diplomats Out Of Cuba After Attacks

Mr. Tillerson had been considering closing the embassy, which had only recently reopened after decades of frosty relations between the two countries.
PhotoWASHINGTON — The State Department is expected to announce Friday that it will pull much of its staff out of the American embassy in Havana in the wake of mysterious attacks that have injured 21 people associated with the embassy.
But one of the reasons Mr. Tillerson will keep it open is a growing belief among American officials that the Cuban government was probably not responsible for the attacks.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storyA former senior American official said there was information that the Cubans were rattled by what had happened and were desperate to figure it out the cause.
That meeting failed to persuade Mr. Tillerson that the Cubans could guarantee the safety of the remaining American employees in Havana, prompting him to decide to pull much of the embassy staff, an American official said.

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