Volkswagen Is Taking Greater Fee For Solving Scandal-Tainted Us Diesel Vehicles

U.S. vehicles rigged with the emissions-cheating technology represent only part of millions of other Volkswagen diesel cars linked to the scandal worldwide.
Volkswagen is taking a surprise $2.95 billion charge in the third quarter because the effort to retrofit or buy back U.S. diesel vehicles that were part of an emissions cheating scandal is more complex than expected.
In June 2016, Volkswagen agreed to a $14.7 settlement for claims over its U.S. cars equipped with 2-liter diesel engines.
The scandal involved cheating technology installed on Volkswagen diesel-powered vehicles to circumvent U.S. clean-air emissions standards.
Announced Friday by the German automaker, the added cost could push Volkswagen’s total damages from the scandal past $30 billion.

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