What Next For California’S Housing Time Table? • The Berkeley Blog

The recent housing wins must serve as a catalyst for impactful next steps, and it is our optimistic hope that this momentum is sustained until real, tangible results emerge for housing California’s families in affordable, sustainable and vibrant communities.
)On Sept. 15, the California Legislature approved a package of 17 bills aimed at putting a dent in the state’s housing crisis.
Unresolved cost issueGiven the severity of California’s housing deficit, now is not the time to rest on our laurels.
Yet, as Sen. Scott Weiner (D- San Francisco), the author of the Senate Bill 35 project streamlining bill, has described it, this housing package represents merely a “down payment” on solving the state’s chronic housing shortage.
To move in the right direction, we need legislation that will actually substantially lower the cost of production.

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