When An Interviewee Runs Away

After being led into a bare, concrete-wall reception room by prison guards earlier this month, he took one look at me and Brendan Hoffman, a Times photographer, and ran away screaming.
PhotoReporters seeking interviews in parts of the former Soviet Union quickly get used to the brushoff.
Ukrainian officials dismissed the report as Russian disinformation and, in an effort to prove that North Korea could never have obtained secret technology in Ukraine, alerted journalists to the presence of the two North Korean spies in Zhytomyr.
North Korea and its bumptious leader, Kim Jong-un, can, despite the fearsome missiles and nuclear weapons, sometimes seem almost comical when viewed from a distance, but the blind fear of Mr. Ryu was anything but funny.
The guards let him go, explaining that Mr. Ryu and a second jailed North Korean spy were terrified of what would happen to them if and when they return to North Korea if they were to speak with an American news organization.

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