Who’S Ingesting Jellyfish? Penguins, That’S Who

One possible clue comes from the fact Dr. Thiebot and his collaborators only saw penguins eating carnivorous jellies, not herbivorous ones, like salps.
“We were amazed to realize that all teams observed the same phenomenon,” Dr. Thiebot said.
But if jellyfish are eaten “more often than expected,” Dr. Thiebot said, it might turn out that “estimates of carbon fluxes need to be reassessed.”
But Dr. Thiebot and his colleagues saw in their footage that there were plenty of other available prey.
It’s possible that the penguins are gaining nutrients from the food eaten by carnivorous jellies, which include crustaceans that are too small for the penguins to target themselves, Dr. Thiebot said.

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