Bob Costas: Stand For Anthem, Then Take A Knee

(CNN) NBC Sports commentator Bob Costas suggested Saturday that protesting NFL players should wait until “the last note” of the national anthem to take a knee.
“To me, perhaps the most effective thing to do would be to stand for the national anthem, but, the second the last note is struck, take a knee,” he suggested.
“The idea of linking protests, no matter how legitimate the issue you are protesting, directly to the National Anthem is not just offensive to the love-it-or-leave-it crowd.
But the veteran sports journalist told CNN’s Michael Smerconish that he believed a different approach could be more effective.
It actually causes ambivalent feelings, at best, among many people who are sympathetic to the issue but see the anthem as representing a lot of different things, including the country’s ideals and aspirations,” Costas said.

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