In Russia, Refusing To Disappear In A Crowd

For the last eight years, Ms. Arutyunova has worked on a personal project focusing on her family members in Russia.
AdvertisementThe Look In Russia, Refusing to Disappear in a Crowd Long gone are the days of party-issued uniforms and uninspired Soviet style.
“I like the idea of how he put on this pretty fashionable jacket from the ’90s to do labor,” Ms. Arutyunova said.
“But it’s also really chic.”Image Credit Sasha Arutyunova for The New York Times“Religion is really prevalent on the street,” Ms. Arutyunova said.
Image Credit Sasha Arutyunova for The New York TimesKarina Zinchenko is an experimental dancer whom Ms. Arutyunova shot several times for the OneBeat project.

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