Slave Poet’S Lost Essay On ‘Character Have An Impact On’ Resonates Via Centuries

Slave Poet’s Lost Essay On ‘Individual Influence’ Resonates Through CenturiesEnlarge this image toggle caption New York Public Library New York Public LibraryGeorge Moses Horton published a book of poetry in 1829, when he was still a slave in North Carolina.
“Senchyne had found a two-page essay, titled “Individual Influence,” with Horton’s bold signature at the bottom.
Could a public university professor hold views that were unpopular in the state and even problematic for the economy of the state?
And right now there are a number of debates about speech and influence on campuses around the United States, especially public university campuses.
Horton was finally set free by the Union Army in 1865, moved to Philadelphia and continued to write until he died.

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