Trump’S Tax Plan Has Echoes Of The Kansas Tax Cut Test

“William Gale of the centrist Brookings Institution called the Kansas tax cuts “a lab test for how supply side tax cuts may work at the federal level.
Trump’s Tax Plan Has Echoes Of The Kansas Tax Cut ExperimentEnlarge this image toggle caption Charlie Riedel/AP Charlie Riedel/APMembers of Congress might want to familiarize themselves with the story of Kansas’ failed tax-cutting experiment as they begin deliberations on President Donald Trump’s tax-reform plan.
So, Kansans reading headlines about the Trump tax cuts might be excused for having a déjà vu moment.
“I think it is pretty clear that the Kansas experiment was a failure.
Spending cuts, borrowingWith state revenues in free fall, Brownback rejected calls to roll back parts of his signature tax cuts.

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