Bengals Vs. Steelers: Vontaze Burfict Kicked A Participant On The Second Play

On just the second play of the game, he kicked Steelers fullback Roosevelt Nix in the head/neck area.
Vontaze Burfict has a lengthy history of questionable motives on the football field and many of those reckless moments have come against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
It would be surprising if the NFL didn’t hand out a punishment for the kick.
For some reason, Burfict pointed at Nix after the play as if the fullback was at fault, but it didn’t appear as though Nix did anything but attempt to block for running back Le’Veon Bell.
The Cincinnati Bengals linebacker served a three-game suspension at the beginning of the year for a hit delivered in preseason and it didn’t take long for him to start playing dirty against the Steelers in Week 7.

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