Tillerson: Time For Iranian-Subsidized Militias To Go Away Iraq

“Those militias need to go home,” Tillerson said.
Tillerson referenced this posture during his remarks in Saudi Arabia and said he spoke about it with Saudi leadership.
US forces remain in Iraq, supporting the government there and combating ISIS, as do forces backed by Iran.
“Tillerson was speaking in Riyadh alongside the Saudi Arabian foreign minister days after US-backed forces declared the liberation of Raqqa, ISIS’s de facto capital in Syria.
Story highlights Tillerson warned countries from doing business with entities connected to an Iranian military forceHe said Saudi Arabia did not appear ready to discuss a resolution to the dispute with QatarWashington (CNN) US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, anticipating an end to the fight against ISIS, said Sunday it was time for Iranian-backed militias to exit the war-torn nation of Iraq.

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