Conservative activist up for global women’s concerns ambassadorship withdraws from consideration

In announcing her decision, Penny Nancy (pictured) didn’t address her criticisms of two Republican senators. | Andrew Harnik/AP Picture Conservative activist up for global women’s issues ambassadorship withdraws from consideration

A good prominent conservative activist is pulling out of contention for an ambassadorship after liberal groupings aired protests against her and her criticism of Senate Republicans important to the confirmation procedure drew notice on Capitol Hill.

Penny Little Nance wrote within an op-ed for that friends and family and work factors had led her to decide that now is not the time to become President Donald Trump’s ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues.

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Nance may be the president and CEO of Concerned Women for America, a conservative Christian organization.

“I’d be honored to serve my nation and President Trump; nevertheless, I do not think God is leading me to leave Concerned Girls for America at this time,” Nance wrote. “We’ve important work to do and so are in a time of year of amazing expansion. Most importantly, I have about 18 months left before my last child goes off to university. In Washington, one’s friends and family is often used as an excuse, but I can assure I am sincere.”

The Trump administration has not confirmed that Nance was in mind as an envoy. Capitol Hill sources told POLITICO before this season, though, that she was being vetted. Liberal-leaning groupings such as Prepared Parenthood spoke out against her potential nomination, stating she was the antithesis of what the ambassador placement required.

In the op-ed, Nance pushed back at “fake news” about her beliefs, stating she was caricatured by leftist media. She wrote, for example, “I don’t hate ‘Frozen,’” after studies quoted her as suggesting the favorite film delivered a dis-empowering message to males and men.

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In the piece, Nance didn’t address her criticisms of Republican Sens. Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, whom she derided on Twitter after both spoke out against Trump. Both senators provide on the closely split Senate Foreign Relations Committee – Corker may be the chairman – which traditionally gets the first vote on ambassador nominees.

In a single tweet, Nance likened Flake to a “middle college gal” after he delivered a speech slamming the Republican president and announcing he’d not get re-election to the Senate.

In the op-ed, Nance wrote that she won’t rule out some purpose in the Trump administration “at a in the future season.”

“The left can relax for now,” she wrote, “but who knows about another day?”

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