Desiigner Remembers A Rap Battle That Left Him With Suicidal Thoughts

While Desiigner ‘s reputation to be one of hip-hop’s happiest lyricist proceeds itself, the Brooklyn native lately revealed he’s once had his own talk about of mental health struggles.

Throughout a recent guest overall look on Snoop Dogg’s web series GGN Media, the “Timmy Turner” rapper explained what motivated his high-energy performances which have obtained him notoriety since his 2016 debut. According to the 20-year-old, a brief depressive episode may be the motivation behind his larger-than-life individuality. “The reason why Desiigner smile … it came from Desiigner wanting to destroy himself,” he admitted to Snoop.

The G.O.O.D. Music signee clarifies that whenever he was younger, during a check out to his grandmother’s house in SC, he finished up in a fight rap that in the end made him problem his rapping design. It had been a discouraging instant for the aspiring rapper and it eventually led him into some dark thoughts.

“I’m like, ‘I don’t know if I could do this music s**t, guy’ which is all I know. Like all I would like to do can be music,” he said, “So I went home guy and I explained, ‘F**k that, I’mma destroy myself.’ The next I explained that s**t, I got scared as hell, bro. I got scared because I informed myself that… When I informed myself that, I’m like, ‘Nah I ain’t killin’ myself.’ So from there on, I usually placed a smile on my deal with because I was like, ‘Yo, I can’t. [There’s] so much more I could do. I can never kill myself, I can’t eliminate myself.”

Have a look at Desiigner’s full remarks in the short clip down below:

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