Hate crimes increase in US in 2016

Story highlights Figures are based on incident reports from law enforcement agencies around the US

Advocates say the findings are a little window right into a much bigger problem

The FBI depends on voluntary participation for legal reasons enforcement for the report

(CNN) Hate crimes in the United States have increased to a spot not observed in recent record, according to a new statistical report released Mon by the Federal government Bureau of Investigation.

A large number of hate crimes — 6,121 — were reported to the FBI found in 2016, the statement found. That’s up from 5,850 reported hate crime incidents in 2015. The figures are based on over 1,500 incident reports from law enforcement agencies around the country. Other than the upsurge in 2016, the amount of hate crimes identified each year by the FBI has decreased since the company started collecting data in 1992. There have been 8,759 hate crimes reported by the FBI in 1996, for example, although more law enforcement departments took part for the reason that survey.

The rise in 2016 reported by the FBI comes after observers have pointed to an increase in hate crimes and conversations about racial animus and hate speech have already been central to political conversations nationwide.

The FBI’s report puts more statistical weight behind the argument that the 2016 election coincided with an increase in hate crimes, including by those purporting to be supporters of President Donald Trump.

In the days following the November 2016 election, an increase in racist slogans and hateful messages was reported, specifically in schools. The Southern Poverty Law Center found 867 cases of hateful harassment or intimidation in the 10 days following the Nov. 8 election

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