Mike Riley: Nebraska has had very few issues ‘besides the games’

Things aren’t going very well for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. They lost their sixth game of the growing season at Minnesota on Saturday, and with losing, Huskers head mentor Mike Riley’s seat has gotten also hotter. Adding more gas to the fire: What he had to state in his Monday presser, when he said his program hasn’t acquired all that lots of issues … “aside from the games.”

Mike Riley: “We’ve had hardly any issues, aside from the video games.” #Huskers pic.twitter.com/P39vGEQERT – Kevin Sjuts (@kevinsjuts) November 13, 2017

“This place has maintained their passion because of their teams and Huskers football for a long period, and I’m certain that they will continue steadily to do that, and they should,” Riley said. “I love this team, I love their approach every week. We have had hardly any issues, aside from the video games, and I enjoy that, the work that they make an effort to do and prepare yourself, and same with the instructors. And I’m great that the enthusiasts will forever love their team.”

Look, We get what the mentor is trying to state here – that in spite of his staff not winning a lot, he even so loves the energy and preparation his staff puts in each week.

Doing those things are excellent, but in the event that you don’t win matches, there’s no reason for a school to preserve you around.

The other thing concerning this is that this statement is reminiscent to a quote now-fired Tennessee head coach Butch Jones had following the Vols’ loss to South Carolina last month:

“I thought we did everything it requires to play winning soccer except one component, and that’s score touchdowns,” Jones said on the Monday following the game.

That was added to the set of Butchisms, including “champions of life,” “five-star hearts,” and “leadership rep.” I think we can all agree Riley deserves the Champions of Existence Belt after what he said on Monday.

Nebraska’s last two video games are against Penn Point out and Iowa, so 4 wins could be all the Huskers understand this season.

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