Apple could put a good rear-facing 3-D sensor in its 2019 iPhone, record says

Apple is exploring a good rear-facing 3-D sensor system for the iPhone to end up being released in 2019, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday citing people familiar with the matter.

The technology will be unique of the TrueDepth sensor that’s currently on leading of the iPhone X. The iPhone X’s system uses light technique that tasks thousands of laser dots on a person’s face to generate an image. The brand new technology could bounce light of a person’s face and calculate enough time it takes for the laser to bounce off in order to create a 3-D image.

Bloomberg reported that the business is expected to keep carefully the TrueDepth sensor but add the new 3-D system on the back of the phone. The iPhone X’s system uses the TrueDepth front-facing sensor to power FaceID, the feature which allows people to unlock their machine with their face.

The technology testing is in the early stages and could wrap up being ditched from the ultimate version of the iPhone, the report said.

Another 3-D sensor could raise the quantity of augmented reality (AR) applications that could be used on the upcoming iPhone. AR is seen as a future development driver for Apple with CEO Tim Cook saying the technology will make the iPhone “a lot more essential,” in a recent interview with CNBC.

Read the full report at Bloomberg.

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