Arianna Huffington on Uber’s new culture

After a tumultuous year that saw a significant sexism scandal and founder Travis Kalanick resign as CEO, Uber produced new “cultural norms” last week.

Media mogul Arianna Huffington, who joined the ride-sharing service’s table of directors in 2016, thinks it’s a step in the right direction.

Huffington has spearheaded attempts to revamp Uber’s photo, pushing for adjustments like management training and better relationships with drivers. Her primary focus going forward is certainly changing the tech start-up’s way of life at its core.

At a recent Fuel List event hosted by Huffington’s wellness internet site Thrive Global and food business Quaker Oats, Huffington told CNBC Make It that the business’s new motto could be “summed up” in a single search phrase: “We do the right thing. Period.”

This catch-all slogan underscores internally and externally that Uber is committed to integrity at all levels of the company. In an interview with CNBC, Huffington says it’s important that Uber’s 65 million riders love the brand and the company just as much because they love the product.

In a recent LinkedIn content, Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi produced the entire list of the automobile service’s new cultural norms:

1. We build globally, we live locally.

2. We are customer obsessed.

3. We celebrate differences.

4. We perform the right thing.

5. We become owners.

6. We persevere.

7. We value strategies over hierarchy.

8. We produce big bold bets.

The CEO admits, in the blog entry, that Uber’s current culture must evolve in order to get the company to the “next level.”

“Instead of ditching everything,” Khosrowshahi writes, “I’m centered on preserving what gets results while quickly changing what doesn’t.”

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