Biden Hopes Trump’s Presidency Will Be the ‘Exception’ on U.S. History


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Biden Critiques Trump and Demurs about 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared about “The Late Show” on Monday for the first time since President Trump took office. Speaking to Stephen Colbert, Mr. Biden stated he hoped Mr. Trump’s presidency will be remembered as an outlier.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Among the things that various people said when President Trump was elected: that people have to hold on to certain expectations, and we can’t normalize the patterns that got President Trump elected. But on another level, whoever is the president is, you know, de facto presidential. What do you consider has changed about the presidency with him staying president? Or how will this influence future presidencies? JOE BIDEN: I think, God willing, it will decrease as the solitary exception in American record. [Applause] Look, I think that a lot of the folks in the viewers, my guess is normally, when the president was elected and the political people he gathered around him came into play, you sort of thought, ‘Well, maybe it’s amusing, or a little bit embarrassing sometimes.’ But it didn’t go to the heart of who we were. But I’ll lay you eight-to-five, and I’m talking with a large crowd – a Republican viewers – out in Thousand Oaks, California, and I asked the same issue. I said, ‘How a lot of you are now worried about the balance of the republic? How many of you are now worried about this brand-new phony nationalism that’s us against them? How many are worried about this populism that is normally designed to essentially undermine the essence of the Expenses of Rights, which is normally, there are particular inalienable rights that no one, regardless of what the bulk is, they can not overrule? I signify, I simply think there’s an assault on a system. And I think people are worried.”

Mr. Biden was on the exhibit to promote a fresh memoir, “Promise Me, Dad,” which tells of how he dealt with the loss of life of his boy Beau. Mr. Biden is already the subject of rumors about a possible presidential go in 2020, and he did not dispel those rumors while explaining the “promise” that gave the e book its name.

“That was the promise: ‘Promise me, Dad, you’re likely to stay engaged. It wasn’t, ‘Promise me, Dad, you’re going to work for president,’” Mr. Biden said, adding: “He have want me to perform for president, but that wasn’t the promise. Barack asked me – the president asked me at lunch 1 day when Beau was unwell, he stated, ‘What do you want to do with the others of your life?’ And I said, ‘I wish to accomplish what I’ve done – the same answer I would have provided you when I was 29, when I was 39, and my age at this time. I want to change lives, and I think I can.”

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‘Thou Shalt Not Be Gross’

Most late-evening hosts spent a solid chunk of their shows attacking Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate from Alabama who actually has been accused of sexual misconduct by five ladies. Trevor Noah zeroed in on Mr. Moore’s identification as a conservative Christian.

“Consequently, Roy Moore defines himself completely by simply the Bible – except for the parts about ‘Thou shalt not end up being gross.’” – TREVOR NOAH

Seth Meyers made fun of how hard it seemed to be for Mr. Moore to give a straight remedy during an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News.

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