Every college football training rumor comment thread appears like this

Paste the next into your workforce site’s most recent thread about your school’s dream instructor. It will oftimes be titled [TODAY]’S OFFICIAL [DREAM COACH] THREAD #14.

[Dream Coach] and [spouse] already own a residence in the [College Town] area, NW I believe. They bought it within the last 12 months. His satellite provider right now sends his bills to a [College Town] address. [Extended try to nail down Desire Coach’s exact physical locations over the previous 24 hours. This can include flight tracking, recommendations from relatives, resources in real estate, A Buddy Of Mine, doctored photographs, social mass media Zaprudering, or other things that the problem demands.]

[Mass media member who graduated from Alma Mater U] stated he talked to [Alma Mater U] today. [Desire Coach] is No. 1 on the list. [Desire Mentor] is interested and offers land in [College Town]. [Alma Mater U] is certainly willing to pay a lot of money. He ended it by guaranteeing that this was true and [Dream Coach] will be in [College Town]. Beforehand, all the others stated no to [Dream Mentor] coming for reasons that were stupid (he’s happy in [current, better task], $$$, etc.).

I e-mailed [mass media member who graduated from Alma Mater U] from then on comment, and he replied that he did talk to someone very near the shtuation, and that [Dream Coach] is Simply no. 1 on [our athletic director’s] list. He stated if he had been asked his legitimate opinion, he would put his funds on [Dream Mentor] to become [Alma Mater U]’s instructor. If [Dream Coach] is not interested, then he would have already came out and said it.

Has anyone heard this however? Scroll down to the [radio express by different local mass media member] and pay attention to the complete interview. I was speechless when I listened to this. If [regional media member] reaches all crediable, then we have a prospect at getting [Dream Coach].

Google “[Dream Mentor] [Alma Mater U] instructor” and narrow it down to the previous 24 hours. We aren’t the simply ones discussing it. It’s gathering momentum all over the place.

So I wonder if [Desire Coach] will be at the overall game? If he is certainly, we all need to chant his name and try to woo him. I simply hope that wouldn’t hurt [Current Coach’s] feelings, but I’d like [Dream Coach] bad.

Fork out him what he needs. If [our richest booster] alone can provide something special of over [quantity] million us dollars to [Alma Mater U], then money shouldn’t be an issue. How anyone thinks we can’t afford [Dream Coach] with the donors we have and it contract money we are getting is beyond me.

Why keep [current, better task]? He knows that workforce is not good enough to win [more], and he is on the verge of having to rebuild down there. His defense if [negative now], and they haven’t had a offense worthwhile a crap. [Suddenly negative] defense + mediocre offense = trouble in the [current, better job]. It would consider years to rebuild that.

For anybody that think [Dream Coach] is indeed loved and happy in [current, better job], look at this thread from their board: [link to Fire Dream Coach thread]. We have to bump that thread. Convert as many [Alma Mater U complainers] to [Desire Coach’s better job complainers] as practical and reallly turn up the heat. That should make [Alma Mater U] even more desirable.

He is probably looking for a soft location to land where he would end up being revered. [Alma Mater U] would acquire out his current agreement. Dang, I do hope this involves pass. How many recruits would want to arrive to [College Town] and take up for [Dream Coach]?????

With this [adjective] facilities, group of fans, tradition, and now a coach with proof success, recruits will be at his entry way asking to play for [Alma Mater U]. He’s an extremely firey guy who won’t endure lazy BS and players certainly not living up to their potential. I cant remember the last time i was this fired up. [Dream Coach] is PERFECT for the job.

If the rumors do hold true, and [a former head coach and another famous coach] come on as OC and DC with [Dream Coach], I think [the former head coach] would do almost all of the recruiting and every one of the [position] coaching.

I feel like we’re just grasping at straws with the whole idea of actually landing a whale like [Dream Coach] … but person, wouldn’t it be nice.

This post was based on comments in a VolNation.com thread about Jon Gruden in 2008. There were more threads in 2010 2010, 2012, 2017, and other years.

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