House members hold hearing on sexual harassment in Congress

Story highlights The Senate passed a resolution mandating sexual harassment training

House Loudspeaker Paul Ryan called on House lawmakers to intensify training

Washington (CNN) House lawmakers on Tuesday will analysis the chamber’s sexual harassment plans in the wake of sweeping allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment which may have rocked powerful institutions and industries across the country.

The hearing by the House administration committee, which oversees the chamber’s operations, is part of an assessment of how the House handles sexual harassment claims.

It comes amid growing calls for an overhaul of the way Congress handles allegations of sexual harassment, including a letter signed by more than 1,500 former Hill staffers who would like to see reform for what they say are “inadequate” sexual harassment plans in Congress. Numerous lawmakers have also come forward and shared testimonies of harassment they faced, either during their period as lawmakers or when they previously done Capitol Hill as aides.

There is currently no requirement for sexual harassment training in the House of Representatives, but individual offices may voluntarily have their staffs attend trainings made available from any office of Compliance. The Senate simply last week passed a resolution making sexual harassment training mandatory, not just for staffers and interns, also for Senate lawmakers.

Both House Loudspeaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Head Mitch McConnell support ramping up sexual harassment training, as does House Minority Head Nancy Pelosi.

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